Novi LOG SPLITTER S500 cepač drveta

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Tip cepač drveta
Godina proizvodnje 2019
Neto težina 250 kg
Lokacija Poljska Kamień
Datum objavljivanja više od 1 meseca
Autoline ID MA17758
Ukupne dimenzije 1.15 m × 0.5 m × 0.5 m
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Dodatne informacije: Poljski

Recommended for machines from: 3-17t
Hydraulic motor displacement (CC): 520cm3
Max. power: 59kW
Max. torque: 1450Nm
Max. pressure: 200bar

Weight (without a handle): 250kg

Drill dimensions: working length 370mm, diameter 250mm

The hydraulic splitter S-500 is designed for splitting tree trunks. Optionally, it can also be equipped with a drill for drilling holes in the ground.
The S-500 hydraulic splitter is ideal for mini excavators, excavators and other machines equipped with a hydraulic system. Thanks to the solid housing and the reliability of the system, it becomes extremely helpful during the processing of firewood.

REMET CNC Technology SP. Z O.O. is a modern and dynamically developing company, specializing in professional machining of metals. Our company is from Poland and manufactures wood chippers.

We are looking for partners at various locations in all over the world. We work with companies from Germany, France, GB, Finland, Romania and others.

Visit our website and get acquainted with the latest offer. Also follow our YouTube channel and Facebook profile where we constantly post information about and videos from work of wood chipper.

Send an e-mail to our Export Manager Tomasz Kuras showing your interest.
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