RENAULT TRM 2000 PASSENGER TRANSPORTER kamion s ravnom platformom

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Tip kamion s ravnom platformom
Kilometraža 37834 km
Lokacija Holandija SCHIEDAM
Datum objavljivanja јул 09, 2020
Kataloški broj prodavca 198
Ukupne dimenzije 5 m × 2.2 m × 2.7 m
Snaga 117 k.s. (86 kW)
Euro Euro 1
Osovinska konfiguracija 4x4
Stanje polovne
Dodatne informacije: Holandski
prijs: Price on request
Configuration : 4x4
Cab seating : 1 + 2 men
Troops : 12 men
Dimensions and weight
Weight (empty) : 3.98 t
Maximum load : 2.3 t
Engine : Renault 3.6-liter diesel
Engine power : 117 hp
Maximum road speed : 89 km/h
Range : ~ 800 km
Gradiënt : 60%
Side slope : 30%
Vertical step : ~ 0.5 m
Trench : ~ 0.5 m
Fording : 0.9 m
Production of the Renault TRM 2000 commenced during 1983 and it had been manufactured at a rate of about 140 vehicles each month - at one time they had a requirement for 12 000 of these vehicles but this total probably was not achieved due to budget restrictions
The Renault TRM 2000 uses a forward control cab layout and two main versions are produced. One is the High Mobility model with the other being a straight axle model having reduced ground clearances (0.3 m) under the axle differentials and with a reduced overall height (2.59 m). Both models are otherwise identical. The usual forward-tilting hard-topped cab can be replaced by a soft-top version known as a torpedo cab. This version is normally used completely open as it is intended for use in North Africa and has been procured by Morocco. The overall construction of the TRM 2000 is extremely strong and it has an excellent cross country performance. When used as a personnel transporter
bench seats can be erected in the rear to carry up to 12 troops. The drop sides and tailgate can be removed to enable the vehicle to carry communication and other shelters while van-bodied versions can be used as ambulances
command posts
or workshops
The TRM 2000 is powered by Renault 3.6-liter diesel engine
developing 117 hp
Recovery vehicle and workshop vehicle variants have been produced
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